Happy Birthday, Batman!

I have been a Batman fan for as long as I can remember. There’s a picture of me at about 2 years old, in bed, asleep, with a Batman alphabet book covering my face.

So when we recently turned part of the unfinished basement into a small office for me, my wife surprised me with the Lego 1960s Batman set as a “bat cave for my man cave.”

The kids and I worked together to built it and I set it up on the bookshelves along the back wall of the office.

As campy and silly as the old show was, for 6-year-old Bill, it was the real deal, and I still have a tremendous fondness for Adam West and for the fabulous 1960s art design of the show.

So in honor of Batman’s 80th birthday, here are some pics from my basement office. Enjoy!

Published by William Gerke

William Gerke is a Boston-based talent professional, author, and human being.

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