I’m the best!

Or at least one of the best.  I mentioned this was coming, but I’m deeply pleased that my story, “Monster in the Mountains”, is featured in the Best of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly: Volume 1, 2009 – 2011.

The collection is available in print and Kindle formats and contains a range of heroic fantasy short fiction and poetry (yes, poetry).  My story is in some very good company.  Especially satisfying is the fact that I wrote “Monster” explicitly for HFQ.  I’d heard that they were starting up and looking for classic  tales of sword and sorcery.  I wrote what I thought was one, and not only did they accept it for their second “issue” but it’s now in their first “Best of.”

While all their material is available on their web site for free, I recommend picking up the collection as the money will help them fund additional efforts.  Plus, it’s got a fantastic cover.  Very proud to be behind that art by Justin Sweet.

John O'Neill quote 1(1)

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William Gerke is a Boston-based talent professional, author, and human being.

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