Welcome to the online home of William “Bill” Gerke

Talent Professional

I am a Boston-based Talent leader, business partner, and generalist with a strong focus on projects, process, data, and technology. In my career I have been responsible for employee relations, performance, compensation, payroll, benefits, and recruiting. My most recent experience has emphasized building and leading teams responsible for talent-focused operations, technology, and analytics.

My passion is leading, managing and developing complex, multi-faceted and diverse teams that drive efficiency, effectiveness, and employee engagement through people, process, and technology. I believe process, tools, and technology should make the talent parts of people’s jobs easy, so they can focus on satisfying customers and driving results for the business.

I have experience in environments ranging from a small not-for-profit to a global consulting firm to an e-commerce firm experiencing 40% year-over-year growth. Wherever I am, I have found the key is to engage, listen to, and learn from my business partners to ensure that the work I and my team does helps them to be successful. We are never done learning and there is always more to learn.

You can read more about my professional background on my LinkedIn profile.


I also write fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels and short stories under my full name, William Gerke. I have published three novels, one of them co-written with Meredith Watts, and have published several short stories. Click on the covers below to learn more about my novels and see my full bibliography.

Human Being

I am a voracious reader whose interests include management, leadership, productivity, Zen Buddhism and philosophy, psychology, history, the environment, sustainability, and the intersection of all of these as I strive to be a better leader, manager, parent, and human being. I also read fantasy and science fiction for fun. In addition to reading and writing, I enjoy exploring the wilderness and towns of New England with my family and building Legos, playing video games, and watching superhero movies with my kids. To learn more about my interests, follow my reading life on Goodreads.