About Me

I am a Boston-based writer of fantasy, science fiction, and horror.  I have three novels available from Amazon in Print or Kindle ebook.

Endurance, written with Meredith Watts, and available here.

On a scorching summer night in the frontier town of Endurance, a preacher’s wife gives birth to a live wolf pup. Such births are believed to be the product of sin, and this one sets in motion a story of violence, mysticism, and survival that tests the limits and the friendship of the preacher and the town’s doctor. Can Shaen and Davin trust the women they love, each other, or themselves, as they uncover the secrets and sins buried in the heart of Endurance?

My first solo novel, Pretenders of Kronau, available here.

When Matthew Becker befriends the strange family renting one of his uncle’s lakeside cabins, all he wants is a date with the children’s governess. Instead, he and the children are kidnapped and dragged through a goblin-haunted forest between worlds to the kingdom of Kronau. Becker’s uncanny resemblance to their enemy and kidnapper makes him a useful pawn in the power struggle between the young prince and princess and their militaristic uncle. It may also be the key to getting back home—if only he can live long enough to figure out how. Pretenders of Kronau is a story of adventure, obsession, sacrifice, romance, deceit, and magic.

And my latest solo novel, Darker Than Night, available here:

Lucas the Star Child, a young god, alone and struggling with his destiny.

Kaspar the Heretic, born to serve evil and using the darkness against itself.

The Moon Maiden, defying the gods’ orders to bring light to the lost.

The Vigil, stalking the dark streets to protect the city he loves.

Four heroes brought together by circumstance, facing enemies from within and without and learning to trust themselves and each other. When all is darkest, only those who are darker than night can stand against the shadows and flames that threaten to engulf the city of Quardiera. Darker Than Night combines heroic fantasy and superhero genres in a unique blend of action, intrigue, and adventure.

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